October 12, 2011

About Hind


Hi! I'm Hind, The Little Woman's Kitchen. I'm a wife of a wonderful husband, Amr, who has a widely open and very distinctive appetite, which I'm grateful to that. Also, I'm a mother of a two-year old amazing toddler boy, Mazen.

We also call him the Digital Boy! He loves anything related to digital equipments especially with buttons.


I'm a passionate foodie, cook, baker. I make sweet recipes with lots lots of calories and critically I'm always on a diet! :) I started this blog as a hobby and more likely to expose my hidden passion to food.
A very special thanks to my cute cousin Dalia, http://www.daliasdelights.blogspot.com/, who inspired me to the idea of creating a food blog and who was the first one triggered me to the world of food. Thanks Dalia!
Also, I would like to dedicate a very very special thanks to my best friend Yara Abdel Bassir, as she was my inspiration for my blog title. Thank you Yara! I really love it. :)


After buying my Canon DSLR 60D, I came to see the world differently. I'm not a professional photographer, but I'm so eagerly learning how to take great shots with such great camera. 


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! You cakes are beautiful!

  2. Yara Abdel Bassir17 January 2012 at 08:34

    Welcome, Nooda!!
    Congratulations on the blog. I have just seen it, because you didn't send me the link :S!!!
    Looking forward to trying your recipes :D