October 12, 2011

Virtual Birthday Party for My Best Friend

September 25, was my best friend's, Nayerah Saad, 24th Birthday. Nayerah and I have been friends for about fifteen years or more. The reason why I made this cake especially for her day, is that i feel guilty towards her. I didn't greet her until this moment! So, I decided to make it up for her and make this cake. Happy Birthday Nayerah!

This is my second fondant cake. I am pretty much pleased with the result. The bottom Cake is a two layer 8-inch cake and the upper cake is one layer 6inch. I frosted the whole cake with vanilla buttercream and covered it with a very thin layer of fondant.    

The Best Vanilla Buttercream Frosting:

1 cup vegetable shortening
500g sifted icing sugar
1 tbsp meringue powder
1 tsp white vanilla flavor
13 tsp warm water
1/4 tsp salt

In the bowl of an electric mixer with the paddle attachment, combine all the ingredients. Beat together on low speed until incorporated, scrapping down the bowl as needed. Gradually raise the speed to medium high until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes.


Source: Apdated from Wilton


  1. Speechless is not the exact word to describe my reaction and how I feel, but it shows a part of it. I'm indeed delighted, impressed -a bit embarrassed- and having a very broad smile on my face :)that is coming straight from my heart. Really that is the best birthday cake I've ever had ;) All words of thanks won't be enough for that amazingly wonderful surprise..But I have to say thank you so much my dear best friend. You made it up to me in the most magnificent way :) May God keep our frienship forever ^_^
    The cake looks wonderful and I am sure it tasted great too :) because your "very first cake" (about eight years ago) was an impressive start ;)
    Start getting prepared for our deal sweet Little Woman ;)
    Congratulations on your lovely blog :)